This owl urn was commissioned for the ashes of a wife and mother.

owl Urn


The yacht which was the model for this ashes urn was owned by a couple who have happy memories of holidays spent on board.

Yacht Urn

Triumph MkII

The owner drove his Triumph MkII for more than 20 years and used to joke that he wanted to be buried in it. This was the closest his widow could get to fulfilling his wish.

Triumph MkII Urn

Ford Focus

This recent commission is a replica of a Ford Focus car with the customised registration plate of the late owner.
It has been hand-made and painted to the exact colours (Chelsea blue) and details desired by the commissioning family.

Ford Focus Urn

Enterprise 2

Our second Enterprise ashes urn was commissioned by an American lady.
Unlike the first, which was completely painted, she requested it to be made in solid oak, with subtle, painted detail. A light silvery wash was applied which preserved the texture and grain of the oak and the details of the Enterprise overlaid. The whole was then given a hard lacquer finish.

Starship Enterprise coffin


A lady living near Aylesbury ordered a Crazy Coffins Urn to be made as a replica of the Starship Enterprise for her departed husband.
It was ordered via her local funeral director.
During the process of building of the urn some photos were shared on our Facebook page which garnered a huge amount of interest.

Starship Enterprise coffin


The ashes which are now stored in the articulated lorry belong, apparently, to a man who had spent many years driving delivery vehicles for a well-known supermarket chain.

sainburys truck urn


This was commissioned by the family of someone who had a passion for a particular Mercedes motor car. (The year and model had to be exactly right.)

despeardo phone urn

Desperado Bottle & Rugby Ball

rugby ball urn

Owl & Cat

owl urn

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