Tango 1

The Tango 1 orange airplane was commissioned by Malcolm Brocklehurst who often visits the factory to see his coffin and say hello. The coffin combines his twin passions of Blackpool football club and light aircraft aviation. The design is based upon a cartoon of himself flying a comically truncated aircraft, overflowing from the cockpit, with his football scarf trailing behind him.

Tango 1 coffin

Jack Daniels

A Belfast man in the prime of life, working in the security industry in Afghanistan has commissioned this coffin, which celebrates his favourite tipple, "just in case". The coffin, which stands 111" high, is made of MDF and decorated with water-based paints.

jack daniels coffin

Nokia Phone

This coffin was commissioned by the family of a young person whose final weeks were spent in a hospice.
Messaging his family and friends was of great importance to him.
The screen is blazoned with a text to his grandparent.

nokia phone

The Skip

To passers-by, a skip is a giant metal container, full of rubble, discarded furniture and television sets, which they ignore or help themselves to, according to their level of prosperity. However, John Gratton-Fisher, a building contractor, regards it as his business associate. On his final journey he will feel privileged to be put in a skip and go out with the rubbish.

skip coffin

Rolls Royce

The order came from an undertaker on behalf of a family who wished to bury their father in their own garden, in a vintage Rolls Royce with "THE BOSS" on the registration plate.

rolls royce coffin


An undertaker ordered an exact replica of a Sun Voyager Yacht. We were informed that the dead man's ambition, during his lifetime, had been to own such a yacht.

yacht coffin

Urban Decay

An eleven year old boy, victim of a skateboarding accident, was buried at his family's request in a replica of the board he played on every day.

urban decay coffin

Orient Express Carriage

Rail fan Brian Holden will make his final journey in a coffin shaped like the Orient Express. Mr Holden, 79, from Manchester, England, took the train each year with his wife, Jean, who died three years ago. When he came down to our factory, to see the finished coffin for the first time, he joked "I was desperate to see it, I took extra care crossing the road. Sod's law, I'll get hit by a bus now."

orient express coffin

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